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BFF Bright Fairy Friends Cartoon Series, Meet Rosie!

By September 17, 2020 No Comments

Watch this 46 second episode about Rosie, one of our 12 fairy best BFF Bright Fairy Friends.

She’s strong. She’s bold. She’s bright. She’s Rosie, one of the 12 fabulous BFFs who lives deep in the beautiful Enchanted Forest. Rosie will never shy away from a challenge, especially when it helps her BFFs. She is always there with a quick word of advice and a solution for any problem. She’s forthright in her conviction and trusted by her BFFs.  Everyone knows things will be okay and bright when Rosie’s within sight.

Here are some fairytastic facts about our favorite fairy Rosie:

  • Her favorite hobby is traveling! She’s explored so many wonderful places in the Enchanted Forest with her BFFs.
  • Her favorite color is Magenta. To Rosie, it’s the best color ever, and we totally agree!
  • Her BFFs are Harper, Lily, Opal, Cami, Fleur, Sunny, Sophie, Dani, Lily, Dali, Nina, and Queen Light Fairy Regina.

BFF Bright Fairy Friends Doll Rosie

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