Dive into the ocean with your new BFF Bright Fairy Friends Mermaid doll, or fly around the Enchanted Forest with your new BFF Fairy doll. Each doll comes with multiple hidden surprises, and are housed in their very own fairy homes with motion activated twinkling lights, so you can use it as a night light! The BFF Mermaid doll has color changing wings! Just dip the seahorse sponge applicator in ice cold water and gently brush along the back of her wings to reveal their color! The BFF Fairy doll has beautiful multi-colored light up wings! Just press and hold down on her necklace and watch her shine! BFF Bright Fairy Friends, Shine Together!

BFF Woodland Fairies Quinn

Is there anything that Quinn can’t do? Nope! She’s one ambitious fairy! When she decides she wants to learn something new, she sets her mind to it, and there’s no stopping her! She loves music and promised herself that she’d learn to play every instrument! So far, she can play the harp, flute, and violin! Peyton’s BFF Bright Fairy Friends love to visit her fairy tree home and listen to her play. Quinn dazzles everyone with her magical music!